Spirituel mentor Brenda Ejderskov

Brenda Ejderskov

The characteristics of Brenda's work is the open approach into the now where there is a let go of the personal goal. A deeper approach than traditional therapy which goes beyond the personal story. The essence is to allow what is and give space to the innate wisdom and guidance allowing it to manifest advice and possibilities.

The wisdom and essence are what heals our deficiencies. As we come to trust this presence to manifest we feel supported. This mobilize our conscious capacity to rest more in ourselves and to meet challenges from within more ease and confidence.

Brenda's capacity for standing in ones true ground, be open to see infinite possibilities and embrace life from an open heart are the deply personal characteristics of Brenda. Her presence and acceptence of "what is" encourages and motivates others to stand their own ground to heal, find balance and enjoy life from a enriched inner.

Brenda has lived with much pain and with much integrity at the same time. She is very experienced not only professionally but also personally about how you can sustain a passionate life and balance out the pain through spiritual presence resources.

Brenda is a former teacher of the Diamond Logos Teachings. Her spiritual background is her many years of journeying in the field with Faisal Muqaddam. Over the years she has also been inspired by Diane Poole Heller, Peter Levine, A.H. Almaas, and Jes Bertelsen.

She is educated Certified Psychotherapist from ID Academy DK. She has studied trauma healing and the effect of spirit on psyche.

Brenda is Danish and the mother of three grown up children.