True Contact workshops and sessions are dedicated to awakening of the souls wisdom and intention

The power of soul wisdom and ethics help us meet ourselves sincerely, heal our heart and find the strength to take steps towards our souls intention in life

True Contact is the doorway to our true nature and we are that light that exist in this nature. In our true nature we find our innate essence and wisdom that helps us in all aspects of life. It provides meaning and value to connect to these fundamental resources. The power of wisdom and ethics are the wisdom we carry in our true foundation. True Contact facilitates this wisdom together with a courageous heart that help others to finde their courage to stand in themselves. It takes continiously courage and strength to stand in one self and to the souls intention.

Our true nature contains a true strength, will, joy, peace, clarity, compassion and timing that repond to any situation. It can be a peaceful, light, wise, calm or other response. It is not necessarily what the ego wants but it is what the situation calls for that essence will provide in us. We come to trust this wisdom and inner support since it is in alignment with the now benefitting the situation we are in. If we stay true to what we feel from this inner presence and not lean upon our egos reactivity then we create progress and value through authentic action.

Ease and doing from being 

Workshops and sessions work through letting go of illutions and of the doing it activates. Instead we listen into the now to sense and be present to the natural movement that comes from there. It calls for slowing down our pace and sensing oneself many times during the day.

True Contact facilitates the essence teaching that will introduce you to the various responses your being manifests. The individual is taught to recognize and percieve the sensations and responses that our true nature manifeste in us. Whereas illusions are felt as "heavy and tight" sensations our true nature is felt as "light and relaxed" sensations. The lightness has much more value than we may think so we have to experience this for our selves.

Wisdom and consciousness guides us

In our true nature vi receive intuition, clarity, timing and wisdom that in its pure form gives us a calm and objective perspective. Opposite illusions that will take us in all directions wisdom respond to what is and interacts with reality. It does not matter if reality is easy, not easy or even hard. Reality is often more easy than it is hard though. It is our illusions that blinds and seduces us with their anxietybased veils which complicate reality and makes it feel hard.

Essence nourish and heal 

We are born with essence that at the same time has a healing frequency. It lies behind our dna and the chemistry of the brain. As vi grow up our family dynamics cut us of from this selfhealing frequency. Few people now that this frequency heals and optimizes health, when it is allowed to flow within. True Contact introduces this teaching so that one can align more with this flow and recieve healing both physically and mentally.

When we listen to the wisdom as it is sensed in the body we come to know that its purpose is to bring healing, balance and centeredness. An example is that the frequency neutralizes anxiety once it is allowed and that a white stream is connected to this. This healing is done over time through gentle inner work.

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