The teachings of Diamond Logos are based on a deep understanding of the human being, its true nature and original self.

They describe in a precise manner the manifestation on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual plain.  They name the psychological obstacles that can be in the way.

Diamond Logos Teachings invite to a path that supports the innate essential human qualities of love, clarity, will, dignity, joy, strength, compassion, passion, peace.

In different courses we deepen the ability for inquiry, mindfulness, presence and contact that allows the integration of processes, that is so important for development, growth and transformation.

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Diamond Logos Teachings looks at ego and personality not as a phenomenon to fight and battle with, but to understand and befriend their function and intention.

We learn to understand and accept that they are structures that have developed in childhood. That we have lost attunement with the essential qualities of the being. Which stops our evolving and our attunement to our soul.

This loss can be experienced as an psychic and energetic deficiency or void. It has build the core of the personality and has little support from the real essential support.

The loss of the essential qualities are being compensated through ego and personality structures, which imitate the lost essential qualities. These parts do not have the essential vitality and abundance.

Personality structures lead to belief systems, opinions, attitudes, habits, emotions and actions which appear as obstacles, problems and deficits for the unfolding and expression of essence.

Instead of fighting them, Diamond Logos teachings uses them to access the lost essential quality.

Subjects that we cover:

  • Introduction to Essence
  • The different essential qualities and challenges
  • Meditation, mindfulness and awareness
  • The lataifs
  • The method of inquiry
  • The building of Self and personality
  • Ego development and personality structure
  • Dimensions of Love
  • Parts of The pearl
Brenda Bork Ejderskov


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