The personality is a big mosaic composition

Indlæg om personligheden fra en engelsk workshop med Faisal Muqaddam

The personality is a big mosaic composition. There are so many pieces to it. Sometimes you deal with anger, or you deal with fear, or you deal with mother, or with father. You deal with the unconscious in so many layers. When you move with one aspect of the personality at a time it will eventually lead you to our natural state of being.

Lets explore anger

Lets say for example somebody is much in anger, he is angry or is afraid of anger and he does not know how to be angry. When we explore anger and what it is about and how it is happening, then the hole underneath it opens up. The hole reveals that the person does not have enough strength and he is using anger to either produce strength or he is afraid to be strong, so he blocks anger.

He may feel he has no strength, he may feel very collapsed inside. When he sits in the hole of no strength, then a certain quality of essence comes up and fills the system with courage, with strength, with vitality and with aliveness.

Lets explore joy

Then another hole may open up, another issue comes, the person feels strong, but has no joy. We then explore the issues around joy. We go to the hole of no joy, look how he is either faking it, by having fun, fun, fun, or he is always depressed. When we continue to explore, he might realize that he really does not know joy. He does not have joy. When he stays with that, with the hole of joy, the joy gets born.

The resolusion to this

If you begin to resolve so many of those issues, you start seeing that underneath them the whole personality is based on a vacuum, there is nothing there.

All of the personality is like a fabrication and underneath it is a big emptiness. When the person reaches the big emptiness, the ground of being comes up, call it god, call it enlightenment, or call it being. That is experienced as a great resolution. So many essential states come to resolve the parts that are unresolved.